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Shrinkage: Are You Overmasturbating?

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The Truth about Masturbation - It can actually shrink Your Penis

The center of most men's existence is their penis, and several companies are catering to this object of male ego. Just as women are pumping their own vanity by going in for operations such as breast implants, men are trying several things to add a few millimeters to their own dongs. There is a surfeit of products available in the market to achieve this enviable increase. There are several herbal remedies, exercises techniques, pumps, weights to hang from it to increase its size, and so many other things. This equipment exists and has a good market just because men are very much obsessive about its size. It's not just a question of pleasing the female. It is for self-satisfaction. The size of the male ego is directly proportional to the length of his penis.

Its average size is about five and a half to six inches in length, contrary to whatever the porn stars will have you believe. Almost all the men in the world have an adequately size, i.e. it is perfectly capable of providing pleasure to a woman and to perform the act of copulation. But even then, men want it longer to feed their sense of masculinity.

Now we come to our topic under discussion. When all the men of the world are so very conscious of the length of their organs and indeed want to increase their sizes a bit, it is indeed surprising to know that they are doing something that will actually shrink its sizes. Some routine act that most men perform has been proven recently to indeed take away from its overall length. What is this act then? Yes, indeed, you guessed right! The culprit is masturbation. If you are hooked on to excessive, then it is most likely that your organ is very slowly reducing in size.

How does it shrink the penis?

There is actually not one but two ways in which OM can bring about a reduction in its size. The first reason depends on its effect causes on the nervous system due to the excitement caused during the act. The second cause is due to physical tissue damage that is caused to the organ during the masturbatory act, which involves vigorous rubbing of the organ. Let us see each of these causes in detail.

(i) This act is a rigorous physical act. It requires the brain to dispel a lot of energy for its performance. The same happens during the actual sexual act too, but there the frequency is not so high. In boys who masturbate too often, the brain needs to provide this surcharge of energy more often. The brain supplies several hormones and nutrients when the man is trying to keep up the libido and ejaculate the semen. And the more dangerous aspect is, there is nothing that will replenish the wasted energy from the brain as fast as it was brought down.

The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for maintaining the entire frenzy during the masturbation act. But the thing is, the parasympathetic nervous system is also responsible for the functioning of vital systems of the body such as the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, the functioning of the liver, the endocrine glands and the lung systems. The connection to these organs is through the vagus nerves which pass out from the brain and through the base of the neck region. When you read more into this, you will understand that all the different systems of your body are in fact interconnected, and an imbalance in any one of them will affect all the others. The average male is already doing several things that might drastically affect the heart; but now it could deplete the brain of its energy, which in turn could cause the heart to malfunction even further.

But how does the penis shrink due to all this? Simple, when the brain continuously keeps supplying energy for your jerking sessions, there is nothing to give it that energy back. In medical terms, such wastefulness of energy from a system is called as atrophy. The atrophy will set up in your organ over time if you masturbate excessively, which will lead to its reduction in size.

In fact, your erections do not depend on muscles, but you must remember that it is made of spongy tissue, which need to energy from the brain just to remain alive. Quite a simple thing to understand now; why the lack of energy in the brain will cause it to become shorter in length. In addition, excessive masturbation can also cause a deficiency of acetylcholine or nitric oxide and also stress hormones in the sympathetic alpha receptors.

It is quite understandable how it can cause not only shrinkage of the organ, but also functional weakness, known as ED, or simply, impotence. If a person indulges in it too much, there is a very great likelihood that that person will not be able to get an erection during the actual act.

(ii) If you thought the first way in which it causes the organ to shrink is bad enough, wait till you read this one. When a man masturbates, he is physically jerking the organ. This can cause physical damage to the reproductive organ, since it is made up of nothing but spongy tissue. Abrasions could occur, and there could be scar tissue. Every such episode causes some kind of damage to the organ. Over time this would heal, but by then some more tissues could get internally damaged.

At least in this case, it is more damaging than actual contact sex. The reason is, while doing it, there is more physical movement of the organ. Remember that there is no lubrication in it, which in actual sex the vaginal tract provides all the necessary lubrication. That's nature's way of protecting the organ during sexual episodes. But this natural protection is not present in it, which increases the likelihood of damages, causing scar tissues.

It is a superstition that it can cause warts on the palms of your hand, but it is a strongly indicated fact that it can cause calluses on the organ itself. If that happens, the organ will not be able to gain its full erection, and will also lean over to one side, causing curvatures.

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